Patient Caretaker Information

We would like to invite you to relax in our waiting area with complimentary coffee. Public restrooms are located in the main corridor on the first floor. We would like to remind you that Specialty Surgical Center is a smoke-free facility, and there is no smoking allowed on the premises.

What's going to happen back there?

We want you, the families and friends of our patients to know. The following are the phases for outpatient surgery.

Phase I - Pre-op: The patient will go immediately into the pre-op room where a nurse will prepare him/her for the scheduled surgery. The nurse will review the patient's medical history, record vital signs, perform any lab work, start and intravenous line, give any pre-op medications, do orthopedic preps, and then the patient will be interviewed by an anesthesiologist. At this time, if time allows, one family member/parents will be asked to visit the patient until they are called back for surgery. The average time for this phase is 45-60 minutes.

Phase II - Intra-op/Operating Room: After the patient leaves the pre-op area and the procedure has started, the family member or friend will be asked to wait in the waiting room. When the procedure is finished the doctor will contact the family member or friend and privately talk with them and discuss any pertinent information and the post operative plan.

Phase III - PACU/Recovery Room: The nurse monitors the patient in the recovery room for an average of 30 minutes to two hours depending on the surgery. At the nurse's discretion, one family member/parents will be called back into the recovery room. There will be a nurse there to direct you to the patient.

Phase IV- Discharge: The patient is discharged in the care of another responsible adult with the discharge instructions and prescriptions.


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We are glad you came to Specialty Surgical Center!

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