What to Expect

No matter how minor, surgery can be stressful for patients and their loved ones. At Specialty Surgical Center, everything we do is designed to ensure that your surgical experience is as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Our staff will work with your physician to minimize your waiting time and provide you and your loved ones with the information you need during the recovery process.

Prior to surgery:

  • Do not eat or drink – even water, chewing gum or hard candy – after midnight prior to your surgery.
  • Do not smoke or use any form of tobacco after midnight prior to your surgery.
  • Notify your surgeon if there is a change in your physical condition, i.e. cold, fever, etc.
  • Make arrangements for a responsible adult to accompany you to and from Specialty Surgical Center, stay in the facility during surgery, and stay with you for at least 24 hours after surgery. Children must have parent or legal guardian that remains in the surgery center until the child is discharged. You may bring their favorite toy or blanket.
  • The day before your procedure, a nurse will call you to go over any special instructions and discuss your medical history as well as the medications you currently take. You will need to bring a list of those medications with you to the surgery center.
  • Please bring appropriate cases for eyeglasses,  contact lenses and hearing aids as they may not be worn during surgery.
  • Get directions to our facility.
  • Have all your necessary papers or files from your doctor's office sent to us.
  • Bring all applicable insurance information and cards as well as a photo ID. 

Should you have further questions, please contact us at (805) 413-7920.

The day of your surgery:

  • Please arrive at least one hour prior to your scheduled surgery or the time our pre op nurse instructed you to arrive. 
  • Bathe or shower with an antibacterial soap such as Dial or Lever Antibacterial prior to coming to Specialty Surgical Center. 
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothes that are easy to get into after your surgery. 
  • Leave all valuables at home – we cannot be responsible for lost or damaged personal belongings. 
  • Remove all make-up. 
  • Bring a list of medications you currently take with you to the center.  

After surgery:

  • Our staff will closely monitor your condition until you are ready to be discharged. A nurse will discuss your discharge instructions with you and your caretakers.
  • Make sure you have a responsible adult available to stay with you in the 24 hours following your procedure. 
  • Do not drive or sign any contracts or legal documents for a minimum of 24 hours after your procedure. 
  • Follow all instructions when taking your prescriptions. 
  • Please return the patient questionnaire you will be given. Your input helps us ensure we are doing our best.

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